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[Comments] (2) 5 Years Ago: It's weird how something that doesn't leave you with something permanent (like a husband) can change your life so much. Mom said I was "grounded" when I got back from Romania. I think I had probably gotten over a lot of things around the time I applied for the program, but I did come home with straightened priorities and a sense of purpose and direction in life. I suppose that's what she meant.


Posted by Sumana at Thu Feb 08 2007 09:41

OK, this is embarrassing, but after you posted this, I went back and read years of your blog, basically from just before you went to Romania to just after you got married. It was nice getting to see how much fun you were having. Although I was envious too.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Feb 09 2007 12:33

I think I'll never be grounded. mom thought so anyway. Maybe after this next trip


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