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: The other day I noticed Beet jumping at a loud noise for the first time. I was playing Boggle by myself and I shook up the letter dice right in front of my tummy. Don't go feeling sorry for her - she kept me up all night. First she was wiggling like crazy, then worrying me because she stopped wiggling!

: I took Beet to the hospital for a nonstress test since she is overdue. It took forever - she was moving around the whole time so they couldn't get a resting heartrate. Wild Child, the nurse called her. She is perfectly fine and I have to go back on Monday. I hope to be at the hospital again before that!

John and I went to Corner Bakery for dinner. Our gift card had $15 more than we thought on it. We also went to See's to get his pound of chocolates (we ate mine already). Poor John is tired of working long hard hours and being underappreciated. I'd better go give him a footrub.


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