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[Comments] (2) Futile: This morning, during the 3 hours I spent trying to get Maggie to go back to sleep so I could take a nap, I made a to do list. The role of to do lists in my life is twofold; First, to help me remember things (I will forget); and second, to make me feel like I've accomplished something. Since I clearly couldn't accomplish anything this morning (more because I was tired than because Maggie was awake), I made do with making a list.

John says not to worry about stuff getting done, but I did a few little things today, including taking and posting pictures of Maggie's baby announcements in my scrapbook gallery. Well maybe that was all I did, my list is in the other room.

When John's alarm went off this morning, I found him snuggling on the couch with a quilt and a baby who was, it turns out, not hungry but cold.

I'm getting very good at typing wirh one hand.


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