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[Comments] (2) Too Healthy: Took Beet to the hospital again today. They didn't even do an ultrasound because her fluid level was so good last time. I didn't have to stay as long this time, and I brought John's Sudoku book, so it wasn't as boring. Luckily, since I didn't get a room with an ocean view. The nurse was more personable and helpful than my doctor has ever been. 5 days after my baby is due is probably a little late to decide I don't like my doctor. She (the nurse) said she was sorry she couldn't send me down to the labor unit. I think an overdue pregnant woman is the only sane person who wishes she were in pain.

On Saturday John and I ran errands and went for a lovely walk at Crystal Cove State Park. We got to look in the tidepools and see little creatures. John bought me the comfiest pants at Costco. They were 1/3 the price of the ugly, less comfy ones at Target.

I finished my quilt today. I also finished the sewing part of the Beet announcements I am making, so now I can put my sewing machine away. This is the first time I've ever used my machine on paper; I'm sure Mom is turning in her grave.

: This afternoon I walked with my friend and her two kids to the farm. The pigs had all just had piglets in the past month, some just born yesterday and so cute! We had a nice long walk. It makes me feel very special that her two-year-old remembers my name. I think sometimes kids remember my name easily because it is so fun to say.

The mailman brought my first disability check. As one girl in the ward said, maternity leave is the best job ever - paid to do "nothing".


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