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[Comments] (1) : This weekend, with Maggie 3 weeks old, we managed to successfully introduce the bottle, clip her fingernails, and take her for a walk at the Woodbridge lake. John likes participating more in her feedings, even though it means he gets a turn at night (at least since he took today off work). I thought bottle-feeding when not necessary (ie. I'm at work) would be a waste of time, besides that John likes doing it. But I can pump enough for her feeding in 7 minutes, so that's not so bad.

John also washed some of her 0-3 month clothes so they would shrink enough she could start wearing them. So many clothes, so little time.

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Posted by Kristen at Mon Apr 02 2007 11:57

"So many clothes, so little time." Ha! I love it. A true relative of mine!


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