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[Comments] (1) : Susie: She's looking at me like I'm nuts. John: Babies can be very perceptive.

Yesterday we got a giant package from John's work. They sent a gift basket of baby paraphanelia with the company logo on it, including, as John predicted, and EY onesie. It's actually kind of cute.

The other day Rachel and I were arguing over the pronunciation of a word. Susie: We have a dictionary. We could look it up. Except I don't know how to read those pronunciation marks.
Rachel: Me neither.
Susie: English teacher's daughters' shame.
Turns out it wasn't even a word - Rachel said "Meg Cabot" (an author) and I thought she said "my cabot" (meaning (I thought) her guilty pleasure).

: One of the things I did while waiting for Maggie to arrive was sew little plastic rings onto Mom's duvet and ribbons onto the cover we bought, so the comforter would stay in place. Now I see that Mom had sewn suspender clips onto her cover. I thought maybe the cover came like that. Brilliant. Oh well, my idea works ok.


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