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[Comments] (1) Bottom's Up: Here is one of the songs I made up to sing to Maggie while I am changing her. To the tune of Particle Man.

Nakey bum, nakey bum
Nakey bum meets diaper bum
They have a fight; diaper wins
Diaper bum

: John and I drove to Utah all night Wednesday night. Bleh. Maggie slept great but John and I less so and we are still recovering. We stopped to suprise Grandma June and she was thrilled. She loved her new little great-grandaughter and didn't want to put her down. Also on the list of those who love Maggie is her grandpa. He held her for 2 hours yesterday, while she alternately slept and laughed at his silly faces. Not on the list is Tyler who is a bit jealous of the lessening of Uncle John's attentions. But even he says, "Baby Maggie is so cute!"

Pretty much everyone around here is feeling awful. John is still recovering from his cold and driving all night. I have an infection with flu-like symptoms. Dad, Jamie and Nathan are moaning about their stomachs, and Tyler, James and Hannah have all been throwing up. We haven't even all been together! We greatly reduced the number of events we're dragging Maggie too, so I think that should help.


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