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[Comments] (1) : Sometimes I can't help but think that Maggie is the most darling girl ever. Like this morning when her cute Daddy was giving her a bottle. She wore a cute dress from Kristen to church yesterday. I wish she didn't have so many cute clothes to choose from. I put a dress on her today (and rufflebutt tights) since I am taking her to the doctor. Now that I'm getting comfortable taking her out getting her dressed up cute won't be such a waste.

[Comments] (2) Book Review: This last week I finished reading some books from Rachel. First, Son of a Witch, a sequel to Wicked. I thought it was a lot better than Wicked. Wicked just provides backstory and another viewpoint to The Wizard of Oz which somewhat limits the plot. I thought Son of a Witch had great character development and the ending was very creative and not too happy-happy, but he accomplished something, which the Wicked Witch of the West had never been able to do.

I also read Falling Angels which is by the same author as Girl with a Pearl Earring, which I have not read, and Lady and the Unicorn which I have. The novels were very similar, which was a little disappointing. I did think this one was an improvement though. It was more interesting and had a little more purpose in the plot.

Now I've started reading Suite Francaise which looks boring and has no cover, so I have no idea what it's about.

Check-Up: Maggie is growing up! Literally. She is still at 50%s for her weight, but shot up to 90 for her height. Tall and skinny, now where did she get that from. Next month she gets 4 more shots and guess who gets to take her? Not me!


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