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[Comments] (3) Home Sweet Home: Back from Bakersfield. I think Maggie is almost as glad to be home as I am. It is exhausting enough running everything around a baby's routine when you're at home. Also, she was stuck with kitty hairs. (Rachel has a cute little kitten she is trying to find a home for!) We are not planning to take her anywhere at least until we move.

That aside, we had a fun time. Rachel and I went to a baby shower, and we had a fun party at Garry's on Sunday with Pat, Alan, Shannon, Shaun, Joel, Leah and Eric. Maggie was, of course, adorable and soaked up all the attention. She got some new books and a little outfit and a pair of Robeez shoes (as if Shannon and Pat hadn't spoiled us enough with the lovely shower!) She loved watching Joel and Leah run around, and she is apparently a Nascar fan (Richardson genes!)

We stopped at the Arvin cemetery on the way out of town today. Maggie was a fuss on the way there, and for another 10 minutes of the drive, but once she fell asleep it was smooth sailing, and we didn't even hit any traffic.


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