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[Comments] (2) Packing for 3: I got everything ready for our trip to Utah last night, and it is hard to pack for a baby. I got the obvious stuff, clothes and diapers, packed and then kept thinking of tons of things we needed to bring... blankets, bibs, socks, a hat, so many little things that I'm used to being able to just grab. Since there are no other babies in the family, there won't be baby things around if we forget something. We are leaving late tonight and are so excited to see everyone.

I go walking with a friend from the ward and her baby most mornings. It is hot so we've been going to the mall. Today we got See's Candies samples. Also, I gave her all my formula checks and her husband sold them on ebay and gave me the money.

Rachel called me from her first substitute teaching job. Middle School. 12 year olds. Rough life.


Posted by Kristen at Wed May 09 2007 20:06

I didn't know they sell on eBay. That was nice of him to list them for you. I had a ton of those things that I gave to my friend. Gunnar hates formula.

Posted by Susie at Wed May 09 2007 21:04

Apparently - I just gave her the checks on Monday. They've already sold and she gave me $30. I guess it's a great deal if you actually use the stuff.


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