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[Comments] (2) We Just Can't Help Ourselves: Well. Once again we are Disney Annual Passholders. Maggie was so good at Disneyland today and seemed to enjoy it, so we upgraded our free tickets to the cheapest annual passes.

Maggie is such an adorable baby that strangers are always wanting to say hi to her. Besides all the normal people who came up to her today, she had three special people say hi: Mary Poppins, Pinocchio, and Doc all came up to her (the last two during the parade). That's how cute she is! She also got her picture taken with Daisy Duck ("Susanna Duck!") at the EY party.

We took Maggie on a bunch of kids rides and on Pirates. She didn't enjoy the drop of water that splashed on her on the Jungle Cruise, so when we got put in the front of the boat on Pirates, I had the brilliant idea to put a blanket over her and she didn't get wet and was fine.


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