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: Well, I am almost officially a stay-at-home Mom (or SAHM, as "they" rather annoyingly put it). My last day of work is July 6th. We tried to work out something where I could work part time, and I was even offered more money to stay - that sure made me feel good! At first I was very sad, because I love my job and working part time would be very nice. But John figured out I'd be taking home $100/week. Now I am excited to stay home with the beet.

We had a busy day today. We went to Costco and the grocery store. Then we went to Toys R Us, organ practice, and the recycling center. Then we went to Starbucks and bought Maggie a little hat at Old Navy.

Maggie's sleeping habits have been changing a little. She has been taking more naps in her crib. Also she wants to play at night when John tries to put her down, so we've been putting her in her crib awake too. Good for her, I hope.


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