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[Comments] (2) : Today we took Maggie to Exposition Park in LA. We went to the Natural History Museum, where I took 10 pictures of the preserved MegaMouth shark for Leonard. The Dinosaur hall was closed, which was disappointing, but we still got to see the mammal halls, the mineral and gem exhibit and an exhibit on Night at the Museum. Afterwards we walked past the rose garden and went to the California Science Museum. Since we'd already paid $25 in parking and admission, I didn't feel bad walking by the "donation" box. The only exhibit that looked familiar was the eggs and baby chicks, but they had a lot of cool exhibits on the body, energy, transportation etc. Both museums also had pretty neat Discovery Centers for the kids.

Also, I wanted to mention all the cute parents, and especially cute daddies (including Maggie's!) who had taken their kids to the museum to teach them about dinosaurs and animals. It reminded me of my cute parents who took their kids to the museum to teach them about dinosaurs and animals. Go parents!

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Posted by Alyson at Sat Jun 30 2007 20:55

Hmmm, I am curious. An exhibit on a movie?? Forgive me if I sound skeptical. Was it interesting?

We went to St. Louis and felt the same way about museum fees. Most places had free admission but charged ten dollars an hour for parking. I think I'd rather pay admission than a parking fee.

Posted by Susie at Sun Jul 01 2007 11:21

The movie exhibit was just some of the props and costumes and a little bit about how they did some of the things (designing a T-Rex rib to be towed by a remote controlled car).
The Met has a $20 "donation" fee, but they make you get a sticker and feel guilty. This place you just had to walk by the turnstyles next to a donation box.


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