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: Yesterday Jen and I took our babies to the free family movie and saw Flushed Away. There were quite a few babies there besides all the kids, but of course it seemed like Conner and Maggie were the only ones who cried. Maggie watched about 1/2 hour of the movie, then fell asleep nursing.

Continuing my search of free/cheap things to do, I went the Newport Beach library (separate and better than OCPL) and discovered they have a Books and Babies class, so I am going to take Maggie next week. Then I walked over to Sur La Table (fancy place for a library, eh?) and bought a knife cover for the fancy knife John bought me for Mother's Day.

Since it was 7-11, 7-Eleven offered free Slurpees so John and I walked down when we got home from work. Guess what? the power was out! We had a cup of melted Slurpee instead. Later, I realized that there is another 7-Eleven a few blocks away we could have gone to. Oh well.

There was a lady from the ward with her three kids at the movie. I should ask her what other free things she knows about. She is a homeschooler and bet she knows them all.

[Comments] (3) : Maggie and I spent the morning at the beach with some people from church. I sat down on a blanket and sat Maggie between my legs.

Girl: How old is she? Me: 4 months. Girl: Wow, four months and she can already sit on her own! Me: Oh, she can't quite - hey, she's sitting on her own!

And so she was. Look, she's doing it right now! I can hardly believe it.


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