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[Comments] (3) : Maggie and I spent the morning at the beach with some people from church. I sat down on a blanket and sat Maggie between my legs.

Girl: How old is she? Me: 4 months. Girl: Wow, four months and she can already sit on her own! Me: Oh, she can't quite - hey, she's sitting on her own!

And so she was. Look, she's doing it right now! I can hardly believe it.

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Posted by Kristen at Fri Jul 13 2007 14:22

No way! Gunnar just got good at it while we were on vacation and he's 7 months! Of course he is a little slow because Lily was walking along furniture at 7 1/2 months.

Posted by John at Fri Jul 13 2007 16:11

I can't believe how tan she is now!

Posted by susie at Sat Jul 14 2007 11:10

We are always propping Maggie up, so she's gotten lots of practice. Yeah, Maggie has little tan lines, despite being asleep under a blanket at the beach. I got sunburned.


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