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: Maggie and I dropped John off at the airport this morning and now we are all alone. It has not been going well. We both had trouble getting back to sleep (because of her). We made it to the library just in time for the baby story time. It was fun, except that she fell over and bonked her head on the floor and screamed. Afterwards, we went to Fashion Island (I got lost) and walked around, looking in the expensive baby stores. $65 for an infant swimsuit??? Oh yeah, and it sprinkled.

She's napping now. We have big plans for a Target run and to go to the grocery store this afternoon. Since she can sit up I might try putting her in the cart. I'll need to get out my cart-cover-upper.

Update: Maggie did not like the shopping cart. And I have changed 3 dirty diaper s today, two in the car! She was really good at the grocery store, though, and we are having fun.


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