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[Comments] (1) : I took a break from typing Mom's journals to read Harry Potter. I didn't type from Monday morning until Tuesday night... and I missed her! Aside from reading about all the cute things us kids did and said, I am learning fun things to do with my kids and getting motivation for things like housecleaning and sewing. Now and again I rip out a page about someone to send to them, so keep your eyes peeled.

Also I noticed how our parents are doing all kinds of fix-its to sell their house in LA. "The place hasn't looked this good in a long time," she says. We did the same thing after mom died. I hope that I will break this cycle and do fix-its when I am living in my house to enjoy them. I remember thinking how lovely mom's cupboards looked after I had scrubbed them and too bad we hadn't done it for us (partially Gretel's fault).


Posted by Alyson at Mon Jul 30 2007 19:07

You are right on, Susie. I always wonder why I don't treat myself as well as I treat my landlord/future renters when I am slaving and cleaning before a move. But this time around, our best buddies moved into our apartment after us. Well, we had an overflow opening in the bathroom sink that was packed with a gross plug of gunk from previous tenents. I could never bring myself to dig very deep and get rid of it, it was so gross (the sink never plugged anyway, so it wasn't necessary). Well, Dave spent about an hour forcing baking soda and boiling hot water and vinegar and finally got it clear, just to avoid the shame of leaving it for our friends. Five days before we moved, the landlord's handyman showed up with a new sink! After all Dave's work! Argh!


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