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[Comments] (2) Maggie Pan's Flight: John thoughtfully bought me a ticket to bring Maggie to Utah during his busy time (and before our Disneyland passes are good again) so yesterday was Maggie's first airplane ride. She was really good. I was lucky enough to sit in the aisle seat on the first row next to two young girls who loved her. She napped the first 45 minutes, then played, then cried for about the last 20 minutes. Not bad. I even made it out to Grandma's car with the carseat, suitcase etc.

Last night the whole family came over for pizza (minus Brook who is out on a fire). Maggie got hogged. She found her Uncle Nathan quite intriguing, perhaps because he sounds a bit like her daddy! When I put her to bed I grabbed Boggle from the game closet and Jamie, Ashley, Erin and I played. Ashley beat me by 1 point; a good game!

Today I am taking Maggie to visit Tasha, a friend from BYU who has a little girl a bit younger. We are headed up to the BRAND NEW! cabin tonight with Tyler and Ember; Jamie's coming up later with the older boys and Erin will come up tomorrow.


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