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Fondue for Two: Last night John and I celebrated our anniversary at The Melting Pot. Maggie got babysat by a couple in the ward with two little boys and had the best time.

We enjoyed our yummy fondue meal, but it was very expensive and now that we've done it I don't think we'll go back. We especially enjoyed the dessert fondue. The waiter told us how to make the cookie and/or graham cracker crumb covered marshmallows (just dip the marshmallows in water), so now we can just do that at home. We were thinking what a fun FHE activity that would be to do with young kids.

Ha Ha: Yesterday I was feeding Maggie and a cat walked in. How did a cat get into my apartment, you ask? Well, duh, it walked in the front door.

Also, apparently we didn't get three free fair tickets, we got two tickets and a parking pass. I could barely tell it was a parking pass even after the guy told me I gave it to a guy waiting to park, walked back to my car a few blocks away and went home.

[Comments] (1) Slurp: Little Maggie drank from a cup at lunch today. I've given her water from a cup a few times at home, just a little sip at a time. We were having lunch with some of my former coworkers and she drank drank drank from a cup of water without spilling any. Such a big girl!


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