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[Comments] (4) Messy Girl: I got tired of handwashing Maggie's bibs so they wouldn't stain and bought some plastic ones at Target. Unfortunately the velcro is so cheap that she can yank them right off. We have some really nice bibs that Sharon made for my baby shower: a dish towel with a T-shirt collar sewed in the middle. I like them enough that I will keep handwashing them. Maybe she can show me how to make some more.

Tried carrots today. No verdict yet. She kept spitting them out, then opening her mouth for more.

[Comments] (9) :

1. Enlisted Member of the Armed Forces
2. Stock Clerk
3. Housekeeper
4. Cook
5. Magician
6. Health Records Professional
7. Painter
8. Picture Framer
9. Professional Athlete	
10. Musician
11. Furniture Finisher
12. Dancer
13. Composer
14. Telephone Operator
15. Hospital Service Worker
16. Butcher
17. Pet Groomer
18. Massage Therapist
19. Postal Clerk
20. Upholsterer

Here are my career matches. I bolded what I've considered and done. Administrative Assistant was number 21. I don't have the talent for 6 of these. And what is with all the furniture jobs?


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