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[Comments] (4) Messy Girl: I got tired of handwashing Maggie's bibs so they wouldn't stain and bought some plastic ones at Target. Unfortunately the velcro is so cheap that she can yank them right off. We have some really nice bibs that Sharon made for my baby shower: a dish towel with a T-shirt collar sewed in the middle. I like them enough that I will keep handwashing them. Maybe she can show me how to make some more.

Tried carrots today. No verdict yet. She kept spitting them out, then opening her mouth for more.


Posted by Kristen at Fri Sep 14 2007 11:09

I want some of those. Gunnar gets stuff everywhere and that covers more. How come you hand wash them? I just toss them in the wash.

Posted by Susie at Fri Sep 14 2007 13:02

So they don't stain. Maybe they won't but it looks like they will. The carrots didn't come out, still.

Posted by John at Fri Sep 14 2007 14:35

Plus, Maggie has more clothes than we do, so we only do laundry once a week. Since solids are new to us, we don't have enough bibs yet.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Sep 14 2007 17:05

Bleach Stick pen...it's the best. Get's out everything. Not a good idea for colors though.


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