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1. Enlisted Member of the Armed Forces
2. Stock Clerk
3. Housekeeper
4. Cook
5. Magician
6. Health Records Professional
7. Painter
8. Picture Framer
9. Professional Athlete	
10. Musician
11. Furniture Finisher
12. Dancer
13. Composer
14. Telephone Operator
15. Hospital Service Worker
16. Butcher
17. Pet Groomer
18. Massage Therapist
19. Postal Clerk
20. Upholsterer

Here are my career matches. I bolded what I've considered and done. Administrative Assistant was number 21. I don't have the talent for 6 of these. And what is with all the furniture jobs?


Posted by Rachel at Fri Sep 14 2007 09:12

what quiz is this? the one that tells everyone to join the army? I wonder what my matches are

Posted by John at Fri Sep 14 2007 14:34

Army? Don't tell Joe.

I can see 2, 6, and 17. And 18, if we're talking feet!

Posted by Susie at Fri Sep 14 2007 15:07

Yeah, 2 and 6 would be fun. I think I would be too scared to be a pet groomer. I had to shave Sadie once...

Glad you like my feet rubs =)

Posted by Kristen at Fri Sep 14 2007 17:07

I don't get it, the bold is what you choose you like or is the bold what the test says they think you would be good at?

Posted by Susie at Fri Sep 14 2007 21:22

The whole list is what the test says you should do. I bolded the ones I've done or considered.

Posted by alyson at Sat Sep 15 2007 09:44

Ahem. Well, I guess I didn't follow Sumana's directions properly, because I took a different career test. I came up with an umbrella recommendation: do something social. Oh well. No fun "funeral director" or "crane operator" advisements on my list, or any list at all for that matter. Oh well. I did, however, uncheck a little box that said I was interested in joining the army. No way.

Posted by Susie at Sat Sep 15 2007 09:47

Something social? Like customer service? Or like "social" worker.

Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 17 2007 12:25

No. I like rules and being told what to do.


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