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[Comments] (4) And the Streets are Paved with Cheese: John tells me there are no cockroaches in Utah. Hurray!

Last night I went to the General Relief Society broadcast. I really enjoyed it. The stake had a dinner afterward and I got to sit and chat with some ladies from the ward. They had posters and a slideshow with pictures from the playdate I went to a few weeks ago. Little Maggie so cute in the swing at the park.

Update: Apparently Maggie caught a (very slow) cockroach this morning. YUCK! Can we please move???


Posted by Rachel at Mon Oct 01 2007 11:08

your title made me laugh out loud. Did she eat it? The Kitten used to catch cockroaches all night long, very handy for both of us except I was the one who had to sweep them up.

Posted by John at Mon Oct 01 2007 13:43

Thankfully she was on her tummy and can't get her hands to her mouth fast that way. So I caught it, killed it (it was obviously already injured since she was able to catch it in broad daylight), and disinfected the entire room and all its contents afterward.

Posted by Mom at Thu Oct 04 2007 17:25

John is right -- no cockroaches in Utah.


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