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[Comments] (2) How the Giraffe Got His Spots: Since John's office is moving he has been working from home the past two days. Since it wasn't too cold, we zipped off yesterday to get our family membership to the Hogle Zoo. Some of the animals weren't out in the cold (the elephants and rhinos), but all the kitties were out and playful in the snow, and the monkeys (which were inside) were happy to see some company. We also went in the giraffe barn and saw the new baby. One of the giraffes came over to check us out. John could have reached up and patted its nose, he was so close.

Maggie is now required to go 8 hours at night without being fed. She does this very well, but that isn't to say she doesn't wake up crying at night for other reasons. However, other than a few peeps at 10:30, she slept for 9:45 hours last night. Good Girl.

I was invited to a Recipe Swap with some girls in the ward. It was a lot of fun and I got a few cool new recipes. It was nice to feel included.

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Posted by Jamie at Sat Jan 12 2008 18:06

recipe swap...how fun...glad to hear you are settling in and getting to know people!

The zoo in the winter...brave souls!

I think you forgot the best part of your Friday...scrapbooking with your SIL and MIL!

Posted by Mom at Sun Jan 13 2008 17:29

You need to share some of those recipes with the Chadwick clan. We always need new, good ideas. Glad you had fun with your ward.

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