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[Comments] (3) Crazy Animals: We took Justin to the zoo with us on Saturday. It was very nice day - we even got to see the elephants out. Justin took pictures of everything, all the animals until the battery on the camera died. He also entertained Maggie enormously, and they both fell asleep in the car. Justin can be a bit crazy sometimes but his energy really doesn't bother me. I let him get away with a bit at Grandma June's 90th birthday party and said to Erin, "I'm a middle child too." We let him run all over the zoo, and act like a sloth, and since he didn't crack his head open, maybe he's the better for it.


Posted by anonymous at Mon Jan 28 2008 20:16

Hi, I see you changed the lay out of your blog and I have to say I'm over joyed that you kept the gummy shark. It just wouldn't be the same if it wasn't there.
Funny coincidence, a few days ago a co-worker was telling a story about her son and I was able to guess that he was the middle child. She asked me how I knew that and all I could say was that, “we understand each other.” She just looked at me oddly so I was able to guess that she was an only child.

Posted by MArk at Mon Jan 28 2008 20:17

Sorry, that comment up there ^^^ was mine.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 29 2008 08:22

Those only children... what can you do? (besides have at least 2 yourself)

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