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[Comments] (3) Flu Bug: I took Maggie to the doctor today. The first thing she said was, "Hi Gorgeous! You must really like carrots. Or sweet potatoes." Apparently the fake tan look wasn't inheirited from me and John.

Maggie does not have an ear infection. In fact, the doctor described her ears as "stunning" and "sparkling." She has the flu. Not exactly shocking news, but there you have it. Her fever is down and she is feeling much better today.


Posted by Rachel at Mon Feb 25 2008 11:59

hahaha sparkling ears. hahahaha carrots! Hope my little girl feels gets soon!

Posted by John at Mon Feb 25 2008 15:27

Oh, and here I thought she had such a nice olive-colored skin complexion all of her own accord, in spite of the fact that her parents couldn't tan to save their lives.

I don't really feed her those things more than any other food. Maybe it's the cheese.

Posted by Susie at Mon Feb 25 2008 16:31

Actually, nearly all the "dinners" have carrots or sweet potatoes as the main ingredients, so she does eat a lot of both. I think Maggie definitely has more olive-y skin then either of us though, but this does explain why the tip of her nose always looks sunny.

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