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[Comments] (3) Good Read: I read a fantastic book today, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Anyone with similar taste in books to me HAS to read this. (Rachel! Jamie!) Apparently, a fourth (and final) book is coming out in August. And the author went to BYU. This is seriously one of the best books I've ever read. It was enthralling. Tasha lent it to me yesterday and is coming by tomorrow to bring me the next two.

ETA: Two things I really like about her writing are her descriptions of facial expressions and the chapter names.

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Posted by Kristen at Fri Mar 14 2008 10:22

I am on Eclipse. I don't love it as much as everybody else does. Everyone is obsessed with it here. I didn't know there was a fourth coming. I just thought there were three.

Posted by Susie at Fri Mar 14 2008 11:58

I thought there were three too, but I saw the 4th on presale on Amazon. I wonder if Tasha knows. I would assume you can tell they haven't "ended" if you've read all three?

Posted by Kristen at Sun Mar 16 2008 09:55

I don't know...I'm on the third. I wouldn't be surprised if she wrote a 4th. They are coming out with a movie so I am sure they are trying to capitalize on it as much as they can.

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