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[No comments] The Fun Times, Weekly Edition: I've done a lot of fun stuff this week. I guess I was so busy doing it I forgot to write about it. On Wednesday, for our weekly playdate, Tasha and I took the girls to Wheeler Farm. It was so much fun. The girls could see everything from their strollers, unlike the zoo. There were a lot of animals, and some baby ones too. I wrote a forthcoming article about the attraction.

Last night was Girls' Night Out with the girls in John's extended family, which was tons of fun. I love getting to know some of his cousins better, especially since the same ones (and me and my sisters-in-law (and Susan and Grandma June)) are the only ones that ever go.

Today was Tyler's second piano lesson. He did great, especially considering it had been three weeks since his first one. Maggie's just about got the piano lesson thing down and was pretty happy to play with Jamie. Shortly after that, Jodi came over. We went to IKEA and looked around (ended up putting all our would-be purchases back). Then we came home and played with Maggie until she finally took at nap at almost 4:00. I think I'm liking Jodi having Fridays off work.

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