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Tuesday Morning: Tuesday is our new shopping day since Monday's got too busy with Grandma and often helping Jamie. I drive out to Wal-Mart, where I save enough on groceries to make up for the gas going out there. This Wal-Mart is nice and clean and when I shop on Tuesday mornings it is not crowded at all. Maggie enjoys going to the store and chatters happily, seat-belted in, and helps put things in the back of the cart.

This afternoon we had our playdate with Tasha and Colette because Maggie has a doctor's appointment during our usual time tomorrow. We were planning to walk to Thanksgiving Point and look at the farm animals (you can see nearly all of them for free from the parking lot), but it is insanely windy, so we just played inside instead. Tasha says John and I are "fine diners" because I make such fancy meals, but I saw the recipe for what she's making tonight and it's definitely fancier than the beef stir-fry recipe I'm trying out.

Tuesdays also mean piano lessons for Ember, and cleaning the floor (check and check).

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