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[No comments] Fifteen Month Maggie:
Weight: 19 lb 8 oz., Height: 29 inches (both around 5th%)
Words she can say: Dada, bye-bye, mama, woof, *elephant trumpet*, doggie, moo
Words she has said: gramma, kitty, duck
Signs she can do: more, all done, drink, eat, sleepy
Favorite Book: ABC book I made her
Favorite Show: The Wiggles
Favorite Foods: cheese, pizza
Favorite Flower: dandelions, or anything in the next yard down
Favorite Stuffed Animal: Piglet
Favorite Toy: farm and animals

Maggie can: walk (two speeds: plodding and “escape!”), climb onto a small chair, feed herself using her fingers or a fork, drink from a cup, climb up and down stairs, point to her head, hair, teeth, nose, ears, tummy and toes, go down the slide by herself, scribble, help clean up, open cupboards and drawers, ride her car.
Good girl: throws things in the trash, hangs up her towel, puts dirty laundry in the basket, puts books and bath toys away.
Naughty girl: Climbs out of high chair, throws food on the floor, slaps, doesn’t respond to “come here”
Sensitive girl: Cries when told “no.”
Cute girl: Talks on the “phone” (or calculator) to Grandma and Daddy; “reads” books; points to airplanes, the moon and hand gliders; loves to see flowers, dogs, and cars on walks; gives kisses; snuggles her stuffed animals; likes baths.

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