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[Comments] (2) The Fourth: I try to remember to call "the Fourth of July" "Independence Day", but whatever. We were lucky enough to attend another exciting gathering at the Lehi Pool with all of John's extended family (Grandma June's posterity). It was a lot of fun. Maggie scoped the scene from her floatie, I jumped off the high dive, and John and I both participated in the relay races. I got put on the "misc" team - the other teams were made up of people from the same family - with people who probably didn't really know who I was, and we didn't win, but I had fun trying and am sore.

After the pool we went up to the cabin for a giant BBQ. Maggie got dragged around (literally) by John's cousin's 3 year old. They were pretty cute playing together and I think it was good for Maggie who will soon be subjected to such things in nursery. We need to get her around more kids in that age group. We spent the night at the cabin and took a few nice walks with Jodi. Saturday morning Maggie came with us and got to pet a horse! She was just tickled.

John and I are lamenting the attitude of the kids (including, most likely, ours in the future) at being at the cabin. Whatever happened to going for an exploration hike, or playing hide and seek? When did kids start moping about and begging to go home because there's nothing to do? Of course there's nothing to do! There's supposed to be nothing to do! In the past John has made exciting treasure hunts for the little ones, but James and Hannah are gone.

Speaking of James and Hannah, Nathan dropped off SIX BAGS of hand-me-downs on their way to Las Vegas. Of course, it'll be years before Maggie grows into some of it, and now we have 8 years worth of boy clothes to store, but I'm still excited. Maggie has claimed the Care Bear Halloween costume as her new snuggly.


Posted by MArk at Tue Jul 08 2008 13:45

Just call it "Mark's Birthday" and leave it at that.

Posted by Susie at Wed Jul 09 2008 09:10


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