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[Comments] (2) 5 Years: In honor of our anniversary yesterday, Maggie woke up at 6:00 and whined all day. Whee. She seems to be doing much better today and has even decided to start eating again.

I'm typing on the beautiful new computer we got for our anniversary. I've never used such a large screen before, it's very nice on my poor tired eyes. I'm so excited to have a working computer again, and a nice one at that. Hooray! Thanks, Sweet Baboo!

The Time Has Come: Maggie ran around Relief Society like a wild one today. I'm taking her to nursery next week.

[Comments] (1) Monday Monday: This morning Maggie and I woke up at 7:40 when the phone rang. It was Grandma June calling to say that she is getting a new roof on her house today, so we probably didn't want to visit her. Grandma loves to try to talk people out of visiting her. It doesn't work on me. Nice try.

Maggie and I went to Wal-mart to get some groceries. I am trying hard to stay in my budget this month. One forthcoming difficulty in this is the Pampered Chef party I'm having on the 13th (Come if you're around, and if you're not and want to order something, you can do that online). I am determined to stay under budget though.

After the store, we dropped by Jamie's to get some stuff from mom (there helping Jamie move), dropped by our house to unload the groceries, and headed to Lehi to visit Grandma. We had a perfectly lovely visit which included watching Cameron and Hillary move out of the house next door and Maggie playing with Taylee on the swingset. We also went to McDonald's. Maggie got a late start on her nap for the third day in a row, but seems to be taking it better today.

I've been feeling down today. I sure am glad to stay home with my little Maggie, though.

I've Emerged: From my Breaking Dawn cocoon (aka The Twilight Zone. It was nice to have an end to the saga, although I didn't find the book as engrossing and wonderful as the previous three. Of the two shocking revelations, I'd guessed one of them, which was annoying. Good writing though, and once again I loved the chapter names. I'll get back to being a parent now.

[Comments] (1) Cryogenics: I just caught Maggie checking on her Autopia Car drivers in the freezer of her toy kitchen. How ironic.

Maggie's new favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus". I also sing her "The Fish in the Sea" which makes it longer and less boring (for me).

We went for a walk this afternoon to get the mail and deliver some visiting teaching assignments. We saw about 15 kids outside playing and looked at flowers of every color. Maggie loves to point at something and say (or shout) "da!" until I tell her what color it is.

Happy thoughts: I love having a mouse with a scroll button, a 10-key, and a visiting teaching companion who actually wants to do something.

[Comments] (2) Fun Times: John had a lot of work to do today, so I did some work for Coordinates Collections and sewed. I've been dreaming up a bunch of projects in my head lately. A trip to JoAnn might be coming up this week. I dragged John to two grocery stores to get some really great deals that were going on today. Maggie's decided (after I put her down late every day this week) she is no longer napping at noon and slept 2-5 today.

This evening there was a block party for our neighborhood. There was hot dogs and potluck food (I brought Spicy Oven Fried Potatoes, which were a hit), games for the kids and a magic show by the Bishop. The kids all got cool magic wands. I can't say that I met anyone new, but it was fun.

[Comments] (1) Playmates: I took Maggie to nursery for the first time today. She enjoyed play time and I tried to sit back out of the way and let her do her thing, which she was ok with. After that the younger kids had a snack and did some coloring. Maggie ate and colored a little bit, but cried and clung to me. The last bit was singing time, which I thought she would love. Boy was I wrong! She screamed every time a new song started. I finally took her out and gave her some milk and cereal. At least I know in a few weeks I can leave her alone and she'll eventually calm down after I leave.

Some people in the neighborhood invited us over for dinner. They have two little girls and a new baby boy. We all had a good time (John opted out of Boggle by holding the baby). Maggie enjoyed the company and the new toys, including a talking ride-on horse. They also offered to lend us their hiking backpack, so we'll definitely be giving that a try soon.

[Comments] (1) TP $2 Tuesdays #2: Tasha and I went to Thanksgiving Point again today. This time we went to the Gardens, including the Children's Discovery Garden. No pictures yet because we used Tasha's (much nicer) camera. (ETA: Pictures up now here.) It was beautiful and the girls enjoyed seeing the waterfalls, playing with the flowers, and splashing in the water play area. Next week we're hoping to brave the huge line and go to the museum. Maybe it won't be so bad since school down there starts next week.

[Comments] (3) : Yesterday was a very busy and fun day. I took Maggie on a bunch of errands in the morning. I took her to the aquarium where she touched a starfish and I a stingray. She really likes the brightly colored tropical fish and the sea jellies. We also went to Target, the library, the post office, Kohl's (I had a $10 free coupon which I used to get some Mr. Potato Head toys for Christmas (spent $2.)), and Joann to get some fabric for sewing projects I'm working on. I've been an ambitious crafter lately.

I hosted a Pampered Chef party in the evening. It was a lot of fun. We made a yummy dessert and I made hummus. 10 people came, plus 5 babies (not including Maggie and Ember who played downstairs the whole time). I love Pampered Chef and I'm excited to get some free stuff.

This afternoon we are going to Park City for a work activity with EY. I haven't had time to get excited about it, but it should be a lot of fun!

[Comments] (1) Park City Fun: Yesterday afternoon we drove our cranky baby to Park City to have some fun on Uncle Ernie (as John calls work when he buys us things). We had these passes good for unlimited-everything at Park City resort. Unfortunately, between our sick baby and our small baby we didn't get to do everything, but it was a ton of fun. We took Maggie up the ski lift to go on the Alpine Slide. Then we had some dinner and Maggie took a little nap. She woke up in a much better mood and we went on the lift and slide two more times, which Maggie was thrilled about. We also each took a turn on the Alpine Coaster. I love roller coasters, so this "personal coaster" was way fun. We also went over and looked at the horses.

Overall, a fun activity-filled afternoon that I never would have paid for myself. Thanks, Uncle Ernie.

[Comments] (1) I am so awesome: I made myself a new purse. All by myself. With no help from my mommy. (Other than the free cream-of-the-crop sewing machine and a little bit of genetic crafting skill). I had to use about 6 different online tutorials instead, including Bernina's how to use a zipper foot (which I still haven't figured out). I am hoping some talented, bored, old lady will emerge from obscurity at the Relief Society Talent Auction next week and offer to teach me how to sew. I mean really sew. I told you I was getting ambitous.

Also, I found the rack of bobbins I kept from mom's house. Somehow I've been using two bobbins for four colors over the last month. I'm so glad to have 20 more!!

: We went to dinner at the Tyler and Tasha's tonight. Tyler blew bubbles outside for the girls. Maggie sat like a princess on the porch steps and did cute poses in her Sunday dress. She had a better day in nursery today. Maybe we'll be able to sneak out at 18 months.

Off to go pick out my free Pampered Chef stuff.

Fortunate: There is a fortune cookie slip on our whiteboard that says, "You will inherit a large sum of money."

On the back of it I wrote, "5/31/06 haha."

[Comments] (6) Talented: Today was a busy day. We went early to meet Tasha and go to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. We had to wait in line and it was very crowded - $2 for the museum is the best deal of all. Maggie wasn't very into it, other than the tunnel you can climb through and the live things (a few fish). She didn't quite get the skeleton thing. I could practically hear her thinking, "Elephant? C'mon, Mom, it doesn't even have a trunk." Oh, she also liked the dinosaurs with wings, she kept pointing to them.

As soon as we got home Maggie went down for a nap and Erin dropped Ember off. I did Ember's piano lesson, then she watched Peanuts while I did some CC work. After naptime, Ember watched Maggie while I did more piano lessons. Then we took Ember home and said hi to Logan and Jazmine.

I made Tortilla Cigars for dinner, which Maggie loved, then we went to Enrichment which was a Talent Auction. Maggie had to come because poor John didn't get home from work until 9:00 (and is back at it again in the kitchen).

The talent auction was awesome. Everyone got or lost points based on things like having read your scriptures, or what colors you were wearing, or if you'd eaten any chocolate. Everyone also brought a talent to donate. I donated a dress like this one. There were things like desserts, baby quilts, wreaths, haircuts, jam, a pumpkin from someone's garden, etc. I scored big time with a set of fabric pumpkins (now I don't have to make my own not-as-cute ones!), a baby wipes/diaper holder (now I don't have to make my own not-as-cute one!) and a set of cards (now I don't have to make my own not-as-cute ones!). I got a lot, and I am really excited about the pumpkins. When we decorate for Halloween I'll post a picture. I was planning to make some, but these are way cuter than what I would have done. I was pleased to see people wanted the dress I made - makes a girl feel good! I'll feel even better when I see the baby wearing it to church in a year (she's teensy).

[Comments] (1) Lagoon/Cabin Fun Days: Two more long, exhausting and exciting days this week. My friend Theresa and I took our babies to Lagoon. She had 1/2 price tickets and no one to go with and insisted on paying for me, so we went. Did you know that you have to pay to take babies to Lagoon? What a joke. They can go to Lagoon A Beach and on three of the rides for free. So that's what we did.

We got there before it opened and staked out a prime spot on the "beach". I decided to go on a waterslide before there was a line. Well, I climbed all the way up there without a tube and was left with Scary Slide #1 or Scary Slide #2 - you know, the plunge to your death slides? What was I thinking? The Lagoon website says "plunge nearly 70 feet straight down". Yikes. I hyperventilated the whole way down, but managed to survive. Barely.

We basically floated around the lazy river all day, and I mean all day. Maggie and Devan both fell asleep! I got a bit sunburned in places I missed, either because I couldn't reach or Maggie was distracting my sunscreen-putting-on. We rode the fastest merry-go-round I've ever been on, and waited in line for the train to take us around Utah's Second Largest Zoo. Then we came home.

Today we went to Grandma June's and Susan picked the three of us up and took us to the cabin. A day at the cabin with my in-laws and Maggie's great-grandma? Fun, I promise! We sat around doing nothing and chatting while Maggie played with cars. I took Maggie for a little walk to pet some horses, which she loved. I haven't been for a walk up there without someone to talk to maybe ever. I really enjoyed the peace and quiet. Maggie was exhausted but propping her eyelids open and was perfectly content with my occasional commentary of butterflies and flowers.

Tomorrow we are going to Logan for Jamie and Dave's "reception" so another fun and long day for us.

: We've let Maggie get good and used to facing forward in the car with all the driving we've done lately. Yesterday we drove up to Logan to meet Dave's family and have a little party for Jamie and him. Today after church we drove up to the cabin to relax a little bit. We went for a nice walk. Maggie has been taking naps later in the afternoon and slept in her stroller today.

I taught Sunday School today. 5 of our boys came. I read them The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss. The lesson was on peer pressure, and I found a Recreational Therapy protocol using this book to teach about cliques and figured it would be close enough. It was. I've never had a class of such respectful teenage boys as when I was reading them The Sneetches out loud! Afterwards we talked for a bit and then played Pass the Pigs with each of them answering questions from the lesson before their turn (name an example of pressure (good or bad) from the scriptures or church history, etc.).

That Girl Sure Knows Her Colors: I had a temple recommend interview with the Stake President last night. He said to Maggie, "you have such big, beautiful brown eyes!" Maggie looked at him for a split second, then pointed to her brown pants.

[Comments] (1) Key word "Wish": Here's my birthday wishlist. I can dream.

iTunes $ (i'm willing to admit I want (need) to spend it on Wiggles songs for the car)
money that I can spend on sewing stuff
sewing lessons
IKEA: $7 lazy susan, $4 mesh strainer, $15 table lamp, $1.50 trash can, hippo fabric
book recommendations
gift certificates for restaurants
a trip to visit my siblings (or for them to visit me!)

You can view my Amazon Wishlist and buy me stuff from there too!

ETA: I could also use some substitute parenting/grandparenting. Aunt Anne is coming to visit me! Maybe Aunt Pat will decide Anne won't do a good enough job and bring Rachel up in October? Like I said, I can dream!

[Comments] (4) Richardson Musical Oddity Poll:

1. Do you know the song, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport"?
2. What words do you sing to "Pop Goes the Weasel"?
3. How much of The Music Man can you repeat off the top of your head? And how fast?

Think about it before you respond.

: Another weekend full of long days. Jamie and Dave's wedding was yesterday, so I got Maggie up early to drive up there for that. It was a nice wedding and Maggie survived an hour with 5 of her cousins and Uncle Franco. She enjoyed the flowers, the fountain, and being pushed around in her stroller. We took some pictures and headed home.

Today we went up to the cabin after church. We got to see everyone (except Jamie and Dave who are in Mexico), and Erin's parents were there too. We laughed about the teenage boys who came running out the door to see Maggie, and played with toy cars under the pool table even after she had lost interest. It got very cloudy and rained hard on the way home.

Hopefully, Maggie will go to nursery by herself next week. She did even better today, so long as no one else was playing with the toys she wanted to play with.

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