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[Comments] (1) Monday Monday: This morning Maggie and I woke up at 7:40 when the phone rang. It was Grandma June calling to say that she is getting a new roof on her house today, so we probably didn't want to visit her. Grandma loves to try to talk people out of visiting her. It doesn't work on me. Nice try.

Maggie and I went to Wal-mart to get some groceries. I am trying hard to stay in my budget this month. One forthcoming difficulty in this is the Pampered Chef party I'm having on the 13th (Come if you're around, and if you're not and want to order something, you can do that online). I am determined to stay under budget though.

After the store, we dropped by Jamie's to get some stuff from mom (there helping Jamie move), dropped by our house to unload the groceries, and headed to Lehi to visit Grandma. We had a perfectly lovely visit which included watching Cameron and Hillary move out of the house next door and Maggie playing with Taylee on the swingset. We also went to McDonald's. Maggie got a late start on her nap for the third day in a row, but seems to be taking it better today.

I've been feeling down today. I sure am glad to stay home with my little Maggie, though.


Posted by Mom at Mon Aug 04 2008 20:31

Grandma called me tonight to let me know all the happenings of the day. She was so glad you went down and so am I.

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