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[Comments] (1) Cryogenics: I just caught Maggie checking on her Autopia Car drivers in the freezer of her toy kitchen. How ironic.

Maggie's new favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus". I also sing her "The Fish in the Sea" which makes it longer and less boring (for me).

We went for a walk this afternoon to get the mail and deliver some visiting teaching assignments. We saw about 15 kids outside playing and looked at flowers of every color. Maggie loves to point at something and say (or shout) "da!" until I tell her what color it is.

Happy thoughts: I love having a mouse with a scroll button, a 10-key, and a visiting teaching companion who actually wants to do something.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Aug 10 2008 17:45

Gunnar's favorite song is Wheels on the Bus too.

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