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[Comments] (2) Fun Times: John had a lot of work to do today, so I did some work for Coordinates Collections and sewed. I've been dreaming up a bunch of projects in my head lately. A trip to JoAnn might be coming up this week. I dragged John to two grocery stores to get some really great deals that were going on today. Maggie's decided (after I put her down late every day this week) she is no longer napping at noon and slept 2-5 today.

This evening there was a block party for our neighborhood. There was hot dogs and potluck food (I brought Spicy Oven Fried Potatoes, which were a hit), games for the kids and a magic show by the Bishop. The kids all got cool magic wands. I can't say that I met anyone new, but it was fun.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Aug 10 2008 17:55

I'm making Molly altered letters like Maggie's...I may need to go to Hobby Lobby too. Our JoAnn equivalent.

Posted by Susie at Sun Aug 10 2008 18:51

We love those letter. =)

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