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[Comments] (1) Playmates: I took Maggie to nursery for the first time today. She enjoyed play time and I tried to sit back out of the way and let her do her thing, which she was ok with. After that the younger kids had a snack and did some coloring. Maggie ate and colored a little bit, but cried and clung to me. The last bit was singing time, which I thought she would love. Boy was I wrong! She screamed every time a new song started. I finally took her out and gave her some milk and cereal. At least I know in a few weeks I can leave her alone and she'll eventually calm down after I leave.

Some people in the neighborhood invited us over for dinner. They have two little girls and a new baby boy. We all had a good time (John opted out of Boggle by holding the baby). Maggie enjoyed the company and the new toys, including a talking ride-on horse. They also offered to lend us their hiking backpack, so we'll definitely be giving that a try soon.


Posted by Kristen at Mon Aug 11 2008 21:11

I just got called to Nursery. I guess they didn't think Cub Scouts was enough for Aaron and me. Well, I guess just me since I am the one with two callings and him one. I am bummed because I was loving being able to relax and listen with Aaron finally after Gunnar being in the nursery for two months. But it is kinda exciting to be with the kids...they all seem so smart for being so young.

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