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[Comments] (6) Talented: Today was a busy day. We went early to meet Tasha and go to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. We had to wait in line and it was very crowded - $2 for the museum is the best deal of all. Maggie wasn't very into it, other than the tunnel you can climb through and the live things (a few fish). She didn't quite get the skeleton thing. I could practically hear her thinking, "Elephant? C'mon, Mom, it doesn't even have a trunk." Oh, she also liked the dinosaurs with wings, she kept pointing to them.

As soon as we got home Maggie went down for a nap and Erin dropped Ember off. I did Ember's piano lesson, then she watched Peanuts while I did some CC work. After naptime, Ember watched Maggie while I did more piano lessons. Then we took Ember home and said hi to Logan and Jazmine.

I made Tortilla Cigars for dinner, which Maggie loved, then we went to Enrichment which was a Talent Auction. Maggie had to come because poor John didn't get home from work until 9:00 (and is back at it again in the kitchen).

The talent auction was awesome. Everyone got or lost points based on things like having read your scriptures, or what colors you were wearing, or if you'd eaten any chocolate. Everyone also brought a talent to donate. I donated a dress like this one. There were things like desserts, baby quilts, wreaths, haircuts, jam, a pumpkin from someone's garden, etc. I scored big time with a set of fabric pumpkins (now I don't have to make my own not-as-cute ones!), a baby wipes/diaper holder (now I don't have to make my own not-as-cute one!) and a set of cards (now I don't have to make my own not-as-cute ones!). I got a lot, and I am really excited about the pumpkins. When we decorate for Halloween I'll post a picture. I was planning to make some, but these are way cuter than what I would have done. I was pleased to see people wanted the dress I made - makes a girl feel good! I'll feel even better when I see the baby wearing it to church in a year (she's teensy).


Posted by Rachel at Wed Aug 20 2008 02:27

wait, did you go with jill or was that a coincidence?

Posted by Rachel at Wed Aug 20 2008 02:32

that talent auction sounds like a fun idea. do you get points for eating chocolate or lose them? you must have had a lot of point to get all that stuff.

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 20 2008 08:43

You lost points for eating chocolate (which I had). I actually did not have very many points, but the cards and the wipes holder were some of the first items, and I guess no one wanted the pumpkins cause I got a great deal on them!

Posted by Kristen at Wed Aug 20 2008 11:37

What a cool activity. I will have to suggest it. That dress is cute, wish I could sew. I want one of those wipee cases and some girls in my ward have a blog shop and sell them for like $15-18. For that price I will go without.

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 20 2008 11:39

I know, the price of those diaper/wipes carriers is ridiculous. That's why I was going to make my own. Maybe I will have to try my hand at making one for you. ;)

Posted by Rachel at Wed Aug 20 2008 12:37

I think you should get points for eating chocolate. Take note for your event, Kristen =)

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