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[Comments] (1) Key word "Wish": Here's my birthday wishlist. I can dream.

iTunes $ (i'm willing to admit I want (need) to spend it on Wiggles songs for the car)
money that I can spend on sewing stuff
sewing lessons
IKEA: $7 lazy susan, $4 mesh strainer, $15 table lamp, $1.50 trash can, hippo fabric
book recommendations
gift certificates for restaurants
a trip to visit my siblings (or for them to visit me!)

You can view my Amazon Wishlist and buy me stuff from there too!

ETA: I could also use some substitute parenting/grandparenting. Aunt Anne is coming to visit me! Maybe Aunt Pat will decide Anne won't do a good enough job and bring Rachel up in October? Like I said, I can dream!


Posted by Rachel at Thu Aug 28 2008 05:00

so I am giving you me for your birthday?

(times like these you start to realize the usefulness of cases. that sentence would make a lot more sense in serbian)

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