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[Comments] (6) [Trackback URL for this entry] New-Clothes-a-Phobic: Maggie has developed a phobia of new clothes. At first I thought it was just new shoes (and who can blame her after comfy Robeez?). Then I thought maybe it was clothes Rachel sent her, or clothes that I made her. Then we broke out the next wave of hand-me-downs and she hates nearly everything.

The good news is she gets over it, one item at a time. I counted eight times that she wore her pink Croc knock-offs ($5 at Wal-Mart) before she didn't cry when I put them on. She didn't complain the third time she wore the candy corn pants, and for the most part she's stopped randomly complaining about what she's wearing hours after I put it on her.

I mentioned it to the doctor (who had never heard of such a thing) and he agrees that I should keep doing what I'm doing - distraction and "you're wearing it anyway." I should mention that I'm pretty sure it's not a texture thing. Same comfy pants in a different color = scary.

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Posted by Rachel at Sun Sep 14 2008 03:23

she doesn't like my presents??? =(

Posted by Susie at Sun Sep 14 2008 13:02

She never had that issue with the tank top, but she screamed when I tried to put the dress on her a few times. She is over it now and has worn the dress to church even.

She also never complained when I put the alligator on her...

Posted by Rachel at Sun Sep 14 2008 15:55

maybe it's a color thing. she hates pink!

Posted by John at Sun Sep 14 2008 18:21

Yeah she LOVES the tanktop. And I think she does like pink. That dress is so cute I made her wear it to church even though it's too big on the shoulders. It kept sliding off. Hopefully she'll grow into it eventually.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Sep 15 2008 09:44

That is interesting. Lily is particular about what she wears now, but when she was that age, she never made a peep. I feel for you because it is so annoying now.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Sep 15 2008 16:47

I don't know. maybe she had the richardson petite shoulders. my tank tops always slide off my shoulders.

glad to know she likes the top! maybe it's a LANGUAGE thing!

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