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[Comments] (3) Clothes-A-Phobic Update: I forgot to mention that Maggie also has a problem when I wear new clothes. I have a grey sweater I wear 250 days a year (but not the past 100) and Maggie freaked out when I put it on a few days ago.

John thinks maybe Maggie is just a hand-me-down snob. I bought her some pink elephant pajamas and a kitty Halloween shirt at Target yesterday, and she was perfectly happy to wear the new shirt with some new black pants today.

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Posted by Kristen at Tue Sep 16 2008 19:10

Maybe she just likes to be included in the choosing process. Lily will usually wear something I really want her to wear if I make it seem like it was her idea all along.

Posted by susie at Tue Sep 16 2008 20:26

She didn't go shopping with me, though. I think the cute kitty helped a lot.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Sep 18 2008 11:44

ahem, Happy Birthday, today!

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