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[Comments] (6) Happy Birthday, Blog!: It’s been nine years since the gummy shark and I made our presence known on the World Wide Web. Not many people can say they’ve been blogging for nine years (I only know one). I didn’t really start writing until 6 months later, and judging from my short, reassuring entries, this was at Mom’s insistence. You know, since she never called. In the past nine years, I’ve gone from 2 readers to 7; pretty impressive considering one of the original two has since died.

Nine years is a long time. My blog has seen me through 13 moves, 3 boyfriends, 56 roommates, 5 countries, 15 states, 2 internships and 9 jobs (plus temp stuff, writing, and being a mom). It was there for me during the deaths of Danny, Grandma Jessie, Uncle Larry, Grandpa Dalton, Grandma Rosie, Mom and Jellybean. It saw my brother and two sisters-in-law get married (figuratively speaking, in Leonard’s case (especially since apparently I didn’t blog about it)) and my siblings both move thousands of miles away. I’ve had one wedding, one marriage, one pregnancy, one baby and one awesome husband.

I now have three blogs, so I've hopefully become better at blogging in the past nine years. Thanks for the 18th birthday present, Leonard.

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Posted by Heffalump at Mon Sep 22 2008 10:50

Actually, I have been reading your blog off and on since your Mom passed away. I'm Heather, one of the Mollies, and I have been keeping up with your blog and Rachel's blog for a while now.
I hope you don't mind. I never commented before because I wasn't sure you wanted comments, and if it bothers you that I read your blog, I will stop.
We miss your Mom over on the Mollies a lot.

Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 22 2008 19:29

Don't mind at all, and comment all you like. We miss Mom too.

Posted by MArk at Mon Sep 22 2008 20:57

Wow, nine years, I can't believe it's been that long. Actually, it feels like it should be longer. Maybe I'm just thinking of all the e-mailing we did in high school.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Sep 23 2008 16:11

You're welcome!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Sep 24 2008 06:03

who are your seven readers? i bet you have more than you think you do!

Posted by Kristen at Thu Sep 25 2008 19:34

Thank goodness you did make your presence. Keep it up so I can keep reading.

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