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Typical Monday: I really didn't do anything spectacular today, but I feel like blogging. So here you go.

Worked in the morning. Maggie and I went to visit Grandma June. It was raining, so it wasn't a terribly exciting trip. I brought a piano book so I could play her some non-hymns. When we got home, Maggie ate a terrific lunch of peas, cheese cubes, yummy balls, texas sheet cake, pear walnut muffin and puffs. Then she took a three hour nap.

During Maggie's nap I did some more CC work and painted in the garage a little. About the time she woke up I started on some Christmas presents for Rachel. Then I vacuumed and made potstickers for dinner. John got home pretty late so we took Maggie on a ride on her car to get the mail, then bedtime. Now I am relaxing. Sigh.

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