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Play Time: Maggie and I had our first playdate with Tasha and Colette. Poor Colette had a cold both before and after the holidays, so we've been holding out. It was fun. The girls enjoyed crawling all over each other and chewing on each other's toys. Colette got some fun toys for Christmas, but I am actually jealous of how few toys she has. I'd get rid of some of our toys, but they are so cool, and Maggie plays with them all! We've got another playdate planned for next week, if nobody gets sick.

I also took Maggie to the doctor to get weighed. She gained seven ounces this month. We also went to the PO to buy postage for various packages (!) and to the "Cuddle Time" at the library. People at this story time were much more friendly than at the one in Newport Beach. Maggie really enjoyed it too, and made some friends. There was a woman there with kids aged 2 1/2, 14 months, and baby. Y-i-k-e-s.

This was our first day out and about this week, as we are still on a spending freeze. We had fun, and she is worn out.


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