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Not So Lonely This Time: Brook and Erin (and Erin's entire family) left this morning to spend a week at Disneyworld. I guess I shouldn't say "the entire family" because they left a very important someone behind - a black furry someone curled next to me. I'm dog-sitting Jazmine while they're gone. It worked out really well because John is also gone. John left early this morning too for OC - he has a busy work week ahead of him. Jazzy used to be a very high-strung and easily-freaked-out dog, but appears to have mellowed in her old age. She is a very well-behaved dog, and a good snuggler. Maggie adores her, although I'm not sure the feeling is quite mutual.

Anywho, the really awful storm that was supposed to make the morning commute (and everyone's trip to the airport, and flights) miserable hasn't shown up yet, so I may get to see Grandma June today. If you recall, we got 14 inches of snow last Monday and didn't get to go visit.

[Comments] (3) Crazy Animals: We took Justin to the zoo with us on Saturday. It was very nice day - we even got to see the elephants out. Justin took pictures of everything, all the animals until the battery on the camera died. He also entertained Maggie enormously, and they both fell asleep in the car. Justin can be a bit crazy sometimes but his energy really doesn't bother me. I let him get away with a bit at Grandma June's 90th birthday party and said to Erin, "I'm a middle child too." We let him run all over the zoo, and act like a sloth, and since he didn't crack his head open, maybe he's the better for it.


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