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Projects, Pantries and Ponies: I've been on a Christmas-present making roll. I've got tons of sewing and crochet projects going on. I won't tell you what they are because I don't want to spoil anyone's suprises. But I'm really excited about a lot of them! I've also been working on Maggie's Halloween costume (for example). I also made and sent out a surprise for someone today.

This week we got a fancy new shelf for our laundry room. We got it to help organize our food and water storage. I am such a nerd and I love to look at my pretty, organized pantry and shelves all day long. And not just mine - I admired Tasha's for a good ten minutes the other week. She was pleased that she's not the only nerd.

Yesterday for our playdate we took the girls to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. We had a 50% coupon. Since it wasn't nearly so crowded as last time, and Maggie was begging, we took the girls on the pony ride. They were such big girls, bobbing along on the ponies. So cute.


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