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[Comments] (1) Stocking Stuffer Solutions: Our family loves to do stocking stuffers - maybe a little too much. However, now that we are not all together on Christmas necessarily, I've discovered a snag. It's not quite as fun if we're not there to explain something. I came up with a solution to this and I'm putting marking tags with a description on some of the stocking stuffers I'm giving. I am restraining myself from writing apologies on the things I've made, although I'd undoubtably give them in person.

Also, I am being more organized this year and I wrote everyone's name on a brown lunch sack and lined them up on the shelf in the laundry room. Now I can add stocking stuffers as I collect them without rummaging through a pile of unmarked grocery sacks. Also, maybe the lunch sack size will keep me from overbuying. We'll see.


Posted by Mom at Mon Oct 13 2008 20:14

That is so creative. I did something like that when I was working full time. I need to do it again. Then I won't lose Christmas books again. Glad you got yours before they disappeared.

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