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[Comments] (1) Woot Wandered Here: Rachel is here visiting and being the most helpful sister ever. She's done the dishes, utilized the seam ripper and chalk marker, and fully intends to clean the floors today. I don't know how much of this is because I am sewing her a dress to wear to a wedding next week, and how much is because she loves us. Hmm.

We went to Jon and Sharon's last night. Maggie had so much fun playing with the dogs, the kitties and Sarah. We had yummy stirfry and Rachel made lemon bars. Also, Maggie loves flamin' hot cheetos; Uncle Jon says babies don't develop spicy taste buds until 3 or 4, so that may explain it. Or she developed a taste for them in the womb.

We are having Girl's Night Out at my house tonight, and I have piano lessons, but other than that I will be sewing.


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