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[Comments] (2) America Has Spoken: and We Want Change.

In the 2004 Presidential Election, Utah was Bush's strongest state with 72% of the popular vote (Kerry 26%). While it comes as no surprise that Utah went for McCain in this election, I'm happy to say that he only had 63% and Obama 34%. Congrats to Leonard for correctly estimating a 10% drop in Republican supporters in Utah this election.

I'm even prouder to say that Salt Lake County was 49% McCain, 48% Obama (2004 Salt Lake County results were Bush 60%/Kerry 38%). The Obama votes were higher earlier last night. It seems as though highly Democratic precincts are faster in getting their data turned around. Interesting...

The next two years (at least) are going to be rough, but I'm glad we won't just be having more of the past eight.


Posted by John at Thu Nov 06 2008 08:50

Unfortunately, we are still living in the GOP's strongest state. That's what happens when people refuse to actually look at the data and instead rely on outdated rhetoric.

Posted by John at Thu Nov 06 2008 15:03

I stand corrected. OK was first this round, WY second, and UT third. Yay for voting for the candidate and not the party.

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