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[Comments] (2) The Blue Four: The Uno deck at Mom's house carried a hallmark card - the Blue Four with teethmarks from yours truly. You could always tell when someone held the Blue Four in their hand but we played with it anyway and laughed about how I chewed up the card.

Maggie's been playing with the numbers from her foam bath letters set and I remembered that the Four has teethmarks on it! There are three little bites. I'm pretty sure it was Colette who bit it because Maggie only had teeth on the bottom at the time. Also this Four is Orange. Nevertheless a little ironic.

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Posted by Rachel at Tue Nov 11 2008 09:50

ok I am not sure you are remembering this correctly. by my view it was a blue 8 and *I* made the teeth marks.

Posted by Susie at Tue Nov 11 2008 12:06

Hmm. Perhaps the bite was yours, but I think it was a four. Leonard?

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