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[Comments] (2) Thanks That Happened: I haven't been a good blogger lately. That happens when the people I blog for come into town. We've spent the past few days hanging out with Leonard. Maggie especially enjoyed having an uncle whose express goal was to play with her as much as possible. We also greatly enjoyed Leonard's cooking and computer-fixing. He got our pictures off Broken Laptop A and got it working again. He also installed free anti-virus software on my computer and the webcam Rachel gave me for my birthday. Free Google Video Chat overseas - how awesome is that??

Wednesday we went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch, then spent most of the day cooking. Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner at the cabin. On Friday Leonard watched Maggie (who was asleep) so John and I could score a Black Friday deal on an elliptical machine. Check it out! John put it together himself. We've also been going to lots of walks in the cold (but non-snowy) weather.

This afternoon we are going to see Twilight with Brook, Erin, Chad and Logan. Nathan is being kind enough to watch Maggie and Ember (in addition to his own kids). I love going out without Maggie once in a while.


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